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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
Going by carTravelthe breathalyser test, to fill the tank, to overtake.
Negative feelingsAbout me terrified, exhausted, lonely
Present simpleGrammarI live, I don´t live, do I live?
My worst holidays everTravelto cancel a flight, to lose your suitcase, excess baggage
Present perfectGrammarI have lived in Spain since 1999.
Are you searching for a job?Daily lifeunemployment, the headhunter, the job offer
My cultureAbout me the custom, the tradition, the ethnic group
The verb to beGrammarI am, you are, he/she is, we/you/they are
Cooking at homeFood and drinkthe recipe, to peel, to fry
The family growsAbout me the family in-law, the orphan child, the great-grandmother
Beach holidaysTravelthe sea, the swimming trunks, the hammock
At the restaurantFood and drinkthe waiter, the menu, the bill
FruitFood and drinkthe banana, the strawberry, the coconut
Present continuousGrammarI am walking, you are singing…
Travelling by planeTravelto check in, to board, to land