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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
Being pregnantHealththe fertilisation, the craving, the scan
Past simple "to have"GrammarI had, you had…
Active and passive(past)GrammarThey repaired the computer. The computer was repaired.
Some anatomyHealthbone, heart, rib
Faith and ReligionRelationshipsthe worship, the symbol, the sacred text
SeafoodFood and drinkthe anchovy, the cod, the crab
Past continuousGrammarI was going, you were walking…
Express yourselfRelationshipsto admit, to disagree, to regret
At the officeDaily lifethe printer, the photocopier, the desk
Past perfect continuousGrammarI had been listening.
A bit of geographyHome and environmentthe waterfall, the island, the desert
Planning a tripTravelholidays, travelling by train, going to the beach
What's the weather like?Home and environmentthe spring, to rain, the wind
At the barFood and drinkthe bar, the bar, the drink
Past simpleGrammarI walked, you lived...