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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
SizeShoppingenormous, tiny, long
I don't feel wellHealththe flu, the cough, the fever
ColoursShoppingblack, pink, navy blue
At the bankDaily lifethe lodgement, the withdrawal, the loan.
EuropeAbout me the nationality, Portuguese, Sweden
My life in a formAbout me the passport, the postcode, the marital status
Household choresHome and environmentto sweep the floor, to dust, to make the bed
Present continuousGrammarI am walking, you are singing…
Parts of the bodyHealththe face, the eyes, the mouth
RelationshipsRelationshipsthe friend, the boss, the neighbour
My worst holidays everTravelto cancel a flight, to lose your suitcase, excess baggage
Possessive pronounsGrammarMine, yours, his, hers…
VegetablesFood and drinkthe potato, the tomato, the pepper
A bit of geographyHome and environmentthe waterfall, the island, the desert
Environmental problemsHome and environmentthe earthquake, the flood, the tornado