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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
PetsHome and environmentthe puppy, the bird, the chameleon
Election dayRelationshipsthe opposition, the political meeting, the ballot paper
Travelling by trainTravelthe train ticket, to arrive, the platform
FutureGrammarI will go, you will see
Planning a tripTravelholidays, travelling by train, going to the beach
In the gardenHome and environmentlawn, geranium, rose
Possessive pronounsGrammarMine, yours, his, hers…
Prepositions of placeGrammarUnder, with, behind
At the hairdresser'sDaily lifethe hairdresser, the dye, the trim
Present simpleGrammarI live, I don´t live, do I live?
In the kitchenHome and environmentthe refrigerator, the oven, the frying pan
In the supermarketShoppingthe trolley, the aisle, the till
Underwear and accessoriesShoppingthe thong, the nightdress, the tie
The UniverseHome and environmentSpace, the universe, the Earth
HoroscopesAbout me Aries, the horoscope, Leo