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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
Eat well, be wellFood and drinkThe vegetarian, the diet , the vegan
SkiingFree timethe ski, the ski resort, the slopes
My worst holidays everTravelto cancel a flight, to lose your suitcase, excess baggage
At the bankDaily lifethe lodgement, the withdrawal, the loan.
My life in a formAbout me the passport, the postcode, the marital status
Where am I?Daily lifeGo straight ahead, on the right, on the left
The emergency servicesDaily lifethe public safety, the ambulance, the fire service
What I don't want to be likeAbout me arrogant, impatient, pessimistic
There is/are GrammarThere is some…
Going by carTravelthe breathalyser test, to fill the tank, to overtake.
PetsHome and environmentthe puppy, the bird, the chameleon
At the barFood and drinkthe bar, the bar, the drink
Law and JusticeRelationshipsthe judge, the court, the trial
A bit about politicsRelationshipsrepublic, ministry, parliament
Some anatomyHealthbone, heart, rib