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TopicCategoryKey vocabularyCourse
Football for expertsFree timethe signing, the forward, the victory
The pressFree timethe newspaper, the magazine, the headline
EuropeAbout me the nationality, Portuguese, Sweden
Active and passive(past)GrammarThey repaired the computer. The computer was repaired.
My life in a formAbout me the passport, the postcode, the marital status
FutureGrammarI will go, you will see
CampingTravelthe tent, the sleeping bag, the campsite
Reflexive pronounsGrammarI wash myself, they cut themselves
Olympic GamesFree timetorch, marathon, gold medal
FruitFood and drinkthe banana, the strawberry, the coconut
How I want to beAbout me patient, responsible, energetic
Parts of the bodyHealththe face, the eyes, the mouth
Some anatomyHealthbone, heart, rib
Past perfectGrammarHe had left, she had gone.
For sale. To rent.Home and environmentthe construction company, the estate agency, the tenant