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busuu top features

Tips on learning English online

busuu's English language expert, Harriet, talks about how we could be more efficient while learning English online.

You will learn about:

  1. How can I make time for language learning?
  2. How can I memorize difficult vocabulary?
  3. How can I get the practice I need?
music films to learn English online

Songs and TV shows to help you learn English online

Learn from the bottom of your lungs

  • Bob Dylan- Nobel Prize winning phrases!
  • The Beatles- Classics can’t go wrong!
  • Sting- Best shower songs
  • One Direction- Catch up on British trends
  • Katy Perry- “Cause baby you're a firework!!!”

Learning from your living room couch

  • Friends- all the vocab you need for hanging out!
  • Lost- In case you get stuck on an island with strangers
  • Downton Abbey- Speak like a British gentleman/lady
  • Merlin- Explore English through magic!

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Here are some of the topics you will be able converse in at the end of each CEFR Level

Level Role Topics
A1 Beginner Introduction and describing myself
Jobs and professions
Daily Routine
Free time
My house
A2 Elementary Food and eating habits
Planning a trip
Work and study
B1 Intermediate Film and music
Feelings and emotions
Job Interview
B2 Upper Intermediate Elections and Politics
Rules and Morals
Life events
Our planet and nature
The modern world
C1 Advanced Travel and tourism
The Environment
Language Learning
C2 Proficiency History
Fame and luck
Employment and unemployment
Social and physical sciences

Learn anytime, anywhere. Even offline

Take busuu with you and make use of any spare moments to get learning - queuing for coffee, waiting for a friend...Even in the tube, without internet - you can download your lessons for offline use!

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