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busuu’s main features

  • Writing exercises
    Write about what you have learned at the end of each lesson and send it to native speakers. Don't forget to help others who are learning your native language too!

  • Reviews & Repetition
    Become a language ninja. Test your memory with our review lessons and know what vocabulary and grammar you need to focus on.

  • Offline learning
    Learn Spanish at a time that’s best for you, whether you’re commuting to work or at home. Just download the lessons onto your mobile in advance!

Learn some expressions

Elena, busuu’s Spanish Language Expert, talks about the most popular expressions that are often used in Spain.

  • What are your favourite expressions?
  • When can I use them?
  • Which expressions do you think everyone should learn?

Learn languages with the things you love

Learn / sing your heart out!

  • Juanes - listen to ""La camisa negra"" and ""Adios lepido"" to improve your Spanish.
  • Shakira - become fluent in a few months with ""Shakira, Shakira!""
  • Enrique Iglesias- learn from the king of Latin pop.

Sofa + movies - amazing combination for the best learning results:

  • Volver - feel the atmosphere of Madrid with Penelope Cruz
  • Todo sobre mi madre - enjoy the internationally acclaimed movie by Pedro Almodovar
  • El Secreto de sus ojos - widen your vocabulary with crime, drama and love."

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