How to speak Spanish fluently

Communicate confidently with these 7 top tips.

Teach me how to speak Spanish

Learning how to speak Spanish is an achievable goal. Whether you’re learning as a beginner or at a more advanced level, every Spanish learner progresses at their own pace. Though if you’re looking to fast-track your progress, here are a number of easy ways to improve in a reasonably short period of time.

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7 top tips on how to speak Spanish with confidence

1. It’s okay to make mistakes

Your goal is to communicate as best you can, not speak perfect Spanish, with the right grammar and vocabulary. Even native Spanish speakers make mistakes!

2. Practice is everything

Constantly look out for opportunities to test out your Spanish skills. Busuu's Conversations feature, for instance, provides an easy way to practise speaking Spanish and get feedback from with native speakers around the world.

3. Listen well

The more you hear, the more conversational Spanish you’ll absorb. And the easier it will be for you to speak the language with confidence – even as a beginner! One moment, you’ll be picking up new Spanish words, and the next you’ll be stringing together full sentences.

4. Celebrate every success

Consider every occasion you talk to someone in Spanish an achievement. Every single interaction you have, no matter how small, will help you improve your Spanish language skills. Be proud of your progress.

These first four tips help provide the best way to start speaking Spanish with ease. The following three steps will help take your Spanish speaking skills to the next level...

Keep improving your Spanish speaking skills with these remaining 3 tips

Want to learn how to speak Spanish with confidence? Start thinking in Spanish

5. Think in Spanish

Go from speaking shakey Spanish to fantastic Spanish by thinking in the language. You’ll find it strange and difficult at first, but give it some time, you’ll learn how to switch between speaking Spanish and your first language.

Talk to yourself to speak English fluently

6. Talk to yourself

It will look a bit odd, we know. But muttering away in front of the mirror for a few minutes a day will teach you when and how to use expressions. You’ll also learn where you make most errors.

Tongue twisters to speak English fluently

7. Try tongue twisters

They’re fun, but most importantly they improve your diction, your accent, and help you learn how to speak quickly. Start practising with mouthfuls like this: “Tres tristes tigres tragan trigo en un trigal.”

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Topics you could speak about on different levels

Levels Topics
A1 Leading general conversations in Spanish
Discussing people and their characters
Your job and hobbies
A2 Talking about travelling and planning trips
Home and work
Health and wellness
B1 How to describe lifestyles
Cultures and entertainment
Feelings and emotions
B2 Discussing elections and politics
Life choices
The modern world