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How busuu can help you achieve great results in Spanish

learn English online with busuu on your phone
  • Writing exercises Write a few lines about what you’ve just learnt. Writing and Conversations exercises are available at the end of each lesson. After finishing, don’t forget to send them to native speakers for feedback.
  • Review & Repetition Test your memory with our review lessons and find out what vocabulary and grammar you need to focus on in order to improve your skills. You'll find a variety of exercises in each lesson, including a review unit to make sure you remember what you've learnt.
  • Offline learning A bad WiFi connection really is no excuse. Learn Spanish at a time that’s convenient for you, whether you’re commuting to work or going on holiday. Just download the lessons onto your mobile in advance and learn anytime, anywhere with the Offline Mode.

Learn essential Spanish expressions

Elena, busuu’s Spanish Language Expert, talks about the most popular Spanish expressions that are often used in Spain and Latin America.

  • What are your favourite Spanish expressions and why?
  • When can these Spanish expressions be used?
  • Which Spanish expressions does everyone need know?

3 things you need in order to master Spanish online

determine when and where to learn Spanish online

You decide when and where

At busuu, we know that just 10 minutes a day is enough to make big strides in learning a new language. If you're learning Spanish, your commute to work or any spare moments at home is the perfect time to complete a few Spanish lessons.

learn Spanish online for your next trip


Learning Spanish doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Usually 1:1 tutoring classes cost lots of money but you can save by learning with busuu and spend this money later on your trip to Spain or Latin America.

online Spanish lessons for you

Lessons tailored to your needs

We have more than 80 units in our Spanish course. Choose the topics you're most interested in, whether it’s culture, food or politics. It’s fun and easy and you will definitely achieve impressive results.

learn Spanish online with music and movie

Learn Spanish online with the things you love

Sing your heart out with these Spanish songs:

  • Juanes - listen to "La camisa negra" and "Adios lepido" to improve your Spanish.
  • Shakira - take a step closer to fluency in Spanish with "Shakira, Shakira!”
  • Enrique Iglesias - learn some Spanish expressions from the king of Latin pop.

    Movies are a great way to learn Spanish:
  • Volver - experience the atmosphere of Madrid with Penélope Cruz.
  • Todo sobre mi madre - improve your Spanish with the internationally acclaimed movie by Pedro Almodóvar.
  • El Secreto de sus ojos - expand your Spanish vocabulary with crime, drama and love.

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"How can I motivate myself to learn Spanish?"

Set yourself targets

If you don’t have a clear goal in mind, your passion for learning Spanish may diminish in just a few days and your motivation will suffer. You can’t just say “I want to learn Spanish…”. You'll need a reason for why you’re learning, for example: “I want to learn Spanish before travelling to Argentina in a few months” or “I want to improve my Spanish to pass the exam in 3 months”.

Find that personal connection

If you’re looking to learn Spanish, you’ll probably have a good reason. Sometimes we choose to learn a language because it’s more widely spoken and will bring more career opportunities, but that shouldn't be your only reason. If you love a language, you may enjoy reading books, watching movies and diving deep into the culture of the new language you're learning.

Make Spanish a part of your life

Try to use some expressions in your everyday speech. For example, learn to say “Oh my God” or “This is bad” in Spanish and use them in suitable situations. Or find a Spanish band you like and sing along to their songs.

Marcos from Brazil learns Spanish with busuu

Marcos, Brazil

10 minutes a day is really enough to learn Spanish. You can learn it from home - no need to go to a language school and spend lots of money on it. Overall impression: amazing!

Julis from Russia learns Spanish with busuu

Julia, Russia

Learning Spanish with busuu, I managed to fulfill my dream. I met Antonio Banderas and spoke Spanish with him. He asked me where I learnt the language and I was proud to mention busuu.

Vicelmo from Zambabwe learns Spanish with busuu

Vicelmo, Zambabwe

I always have time to study, thanks to the app, which I can use anytime. busuu always treats you with love: they send you recommendations, incentive not to give up on the course and they just support you!

Learn anytime, anywhere. Even offline

Take busuu with you and make use of any spare moments to keep learning. Queueing for a coffee? Waiting for a friend? Even on the journey to work - just download your lessons and learn with Offline Mode!

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