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Extend your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary with B1 English level topics. You’ll deepen your understanding of the language and improve your pronunciation. Learn advanced English grammar with our simple and easy-to-understand grammar tips with examples and you’ll speak like a native in no time.

Lifestyle and dating - Lessons 1-5

Can I have your number? Improve your English dating skills, be able to give opinions about film and music, describe and discuss healthy and unhealthy lifestyles during different stages of life, give advice using the verbs “should”, “must” and “have to”. You’ll also learn to use adjectives and adverbs confidently, review modal verbs and verb patterns as well as past tenses and conditional forms.


New home, new job - Lessons 6-9

Learn all the English vocabulary you’ll need to talk about job hunting and house hunting, as well as moving house and starting a new job. You’ll learn to use phrasal verbs, connecting words and reported speech to talk about your new home and job.


Giving opinions - Lessons 10-13

Here you’ll learn useful verbs and the concept of tag questions. Your English grammar lessons also include the past tense for questions and responses so you can enquire about the news and gossip, discuss literature and books, films and music, lifestyle habits and you’ll be able to check if the person you’re talking to understands your point. You’ll also learn to express opinions and introduce new topics to any English conversation.


Discussions - Lessons 14-15

As you progress through our English course, you’ll be able to communicate in English more and more fluently. In these lessons you’ll learn more about the passive, the future continuous and when to use “will” and “going to” to voice your opinion and discuss topics such as education, politics, environmental issues and disasters. You’ll also learn to politely change the subject, interrupt a conversation and express approval or disagreement.


Traditions and travel - Lessons 16-18

These last steps in your intermediate English course include discussing traditions, customs, monuments and heritage, as well as geography and travel. Learn to use relative clauses to express probability and the passive voice to focus on the action of the sentence rather than the person carrying out the action.


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