New home, new job

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This section of the English course looks at vocabulary that will be useful to you when talking about a new job or a new home. The grammar topics are connecting words, phrasal verbs and indirect or reported speech.

Renting accommodation - Lesson 6

Are you planning to rent a flat in London? Let’s take a look at useful English vocabulary such as “to put down a deposit”, “to move in”, “flatshare”, “viewing” and “to rent”.

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Describing places - Lesson 7

Learn English words and phrases to describe your city and neighbourhood. You’ll learn to use “outskirts”, “rural”, “urban”, “suburbs”, “central”, “charming” and “polluted”.

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Connecting words - Lesson 7

Link your ideas and speak more fluently using so-called connecting words. They let you add more information (“also”, “as well”, “as well as”), order events into a timeline (“before”, “after”, “then”) and show causal links (“therefore”, “so”, give a reason “because of”, “due to”).

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Job hunting - Lesson 8

In this English vocabulary unit we focus on job-related words and phrases. You’ll be able to search for jobs and prepare for a job interview, and learn the difference between a CV and a résumé.

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Indirect speech - Lesson 8

Learn how to use indirect speech in this English grammar unit. You’ll be able to use reporting verbs and change the modal verbs “will and “can” with indirect speech.

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Office communication - Lesson 9

This English vocabulary unit teaches you essential office communication words and phrases: the names of the different departments in a company, phrases to communicate with your colleagues at work, arrange your business schedule as well as useful verbs such as “to be in charge of” and “to be responsible for”.

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