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Useful everyday phrases with examples from everyday office situations. Use our Business English Course to get ready for starting a new job, meeting new colleagues, scheduling and running meetings, taking phone calls, talking about computers and much more that will help you with your English communication skills around the office. If you’re looking to learn English to boost your career or always dreamt of working abroad, get started with your Business English lessons today.

Starting a new job - Lesson 1

Learn how to introduce yourself on your first day at work and describe your previous work experience.

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Company departments and roles - Lesson 1

This English Business Course unit focuses on the structure of companies and different positions within different teams. You’ll learn terms such as “staff”, “sales”, “marketing” and “finance”.

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Handling daily office communication - Lesson 2

We’ll look at everyday vocabulary to use around the office: everyday small talk topics, how to arrange a meeting and scheduling, making or taking calls.

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Working with computers and software - Lesson 3

This English Business Course lesson is all about IT topics and how to solve computer problems. You’ll also learn useful vocabulary like “to set up a new email account”, “to record expenses”, and “to create a spreadsheet”.

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Participating in a meeting - Lesson 4

Learn vocabulary that might be useful during meetings: how to make a point, politely interrupt someone, assign action points and finish a meeting.

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