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By Barney Meekin · March 19, 2024 · 9 minute read

Learning how to write in English has huge benefits. It can lead to success in education and business. It can help you make friends and become a part of a community. And it’s a fantastic way of getting a deeper understanding of English. Writing effectively takes your English skills to a whole new level.

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Busuu’s bite-sized and easy-to-follow lessons are perfect for squeezing into your daily schedule. Practice writing on your commute, on your coffee break, or on your travels. With Busuu you can learn English writing at your own pace, on your own schedule.


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Whatever your goals, Busuu has courses to boost your writing skills. With Busuu Premium you get access to general, business, and academic English. So you get the writing skills you need to thrive in any situation.

What are the benefits of learning how to write in English?

Let’s not sugarcoat it, mastering English writing can take a long time. But, the benefits make it all worthwhile. Here are the top five benefits of learning how to write in English.

1. Improve your communication skills

More than ever, writing is a key way of communicating. In the past, maybe you’d write a letter sometimes. Now though, you write every day. Emails and texts are writing. Social media is writing. The skill of writing is more important than ever before.

The better you write, the better you can express your thoughts, ideas, and experiences. You’ll be able to find the clearest and most effective ways to say something. This carries over into your speaking skills too. So, learning how to write is not only about writing, it improves your overall English skills.

2. Understand grammar and vocabulary

In casual conversation, it’s fine to stick to common words and phrases. It’s OK to only use short sentences. It’s even OK to leave out words entirely. When you write, this isn’t always true (it is true for texting and social media because they are very similar to casual conversation).

When you write emails, reports, fiction, etc, you need to think more carefully about sentence structure. You need to vary your sentences and their lengths. You need to be more careful with mistakes. And you need to use a wider range of vocabulary. Now, I’m not saying that every time you write you have to write like Shakespeare. But, writing will give you a deeper understanding of English for these reasons.

3. Increase your career options

Interested in working in science, technology, or academia? Well, English writing is a crucial skill. For example, estimates say around 90% of all research (yes, of all research done around the world!) is published in English. That’s a crazy statistic but it shows how important English writing is in those fields.

But even if you don’t have ambitions in technology and research, English writing skills are a huge boost to your career choices. Many companies need to communicate with clients and partners overseas. Much of this communication is through written English.

Of course, if you want to live in an English-speaking country like the USA, English writing skills are a huge benefit. But even if you stay in your home country, there are thousands of businesses that need people with English writing skills.

4. Advance in education

Universities in English-speaking countries dominate the global rankings. So to get access to the best universities in the world, you need English skills. And at university, no skill is more important than writing. Being able to write high-quality essays and papers in English gives you the chance to study at these world-class institutions.

5. Smash English tests

If you want to live, work, or study overseas, IELTS and TOEFL test scores are essential. Universities, employers, and immigration authorities in the English-speaking world require them. They show that your English is good enough.

And what do these tests have in common? They all have difficult writing sections. Improving your writing skills is a guaranteed way to improve your performance on these tests.

It’s pretty clear that improving your English writing skills is a great way to get more understanding of English and increase opportunities in your life. Luckily for you, you don’t have to do it alone. With Busuu, you can practice writing, wherever and whenever you want. With lessons ranging from writing business emails to note-taking, and paraphrasing, there’s something for every goal.

How to learn English writing

OK, I know what you’re thinking. It all sounds great but where should you start? Well, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to improve your English writing skills.

1. Use an app

Don’t overlook the importance of convenience when you learn a new language. By using an app, you always have access to your study materials. You can study on your way to work, after the kids have finally gone to sleep, or while chilling out in your favorite cafe.

Apps make building a study habit a breeze. By using the Busuu app, you’ll see real progress in your writing skills. But the best thing is that you choose when, where, and how much you study. Busuu’s short lessons are perfect for busy people who want to see real progress. And the advanced AI algorithms and proven language learning techniques mean you get the most effective and up-to-date methods — right there in your pocket.

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2. Practice writing

Let’s be real, if you don’t practice writing, you won’t get good at writing. So practice is key. And when you combine practice with tips, vocabulary, and grammar, you’ve got a winning formula. With Busuu, you have access to dozens of writing activities and their accompanying lessons.

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3. Get advanced writing tips

I’m not going to lie to you — writing can get complicated. Luckily, Busuu is here to give you advanced tips to take your writing to the next level. After you’ve mastered the basics, there are Busuu lessons about parallelism, cohesive devices, and references and citations. With Busuu you have courses to take your writing skills from beginner to advanced.

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4. Get support from your peers

Busuu isn’t just a language-learning app. It’s also a community of millions of language learners to share your writing with. Make friends, build connections, and get valuable feedback about your writing.

Busuu makes writing a social experience. You're just a few swipes away from native-English speakers ready and waiting to give you writing tips and advice.

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5. Use advanced AI technology

There’s no doubt that vocabulary is a huge part of writing. And with Busuu’s AI algorithms, memorizing new words has never been easier. Using spaced repetition the AI shows you the words you need when you need them. The AI knows the words you struggle with and prompts you to review them repeatedly. The harder the word, the more it pops up for review.

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Ready to master English writing?

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Busuu is the app for you! No matter what your goals are, Busuu is full of courses and activities that suit your needs. Access general, business, and academic courses for every level. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, you’ll find writing activities and tips to take you to the next level.

The Busuu methodology

Busuu’s focus is on communication (what else is a language for?). Every single lesson in Busuu courses is designed to help you communicate more effectively. You get useful language that you can go out and use straight away. No boring word lists. No complicated grammar explanations. Just practical English that helps you become a confident communicator.

Designed by language-learning experts and built upon their classroom experiences, Busuu is the complete tool for learning a language.

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Improving your writing skills can help you get your dream job, make connections in a new community, or study at the world’s best universities. And the best way to improve your writing skills is with Busuu. There are courses for every level and goal. A huge and helpful community of language learners. And advanced AI tech.

Best of all, the Busuu app and its short video lessons mean you can improve your writing wherever and whenever you want.

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With a lot of practice, you will become an expert in writing in English via Busuu’s free online courses and learning resources. Continue practising and become a real success in no time!