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Learning English to stand out in the job market? Great idea. It’s one of the many great reasons to learn English, and it’s an achievable goal.

From impressing at an English interview to learning how to speak up in meetings, our online business English course walks you through the fundamentals.

Master business English, 1 professional scenario at a time

Job application process

Applying for a job in an English speaking company? Our online course helps you learn the business English vocabulary you’ll need to update your CV, apply for jobs online, and answer English interview questions with flying colours.

And what about when you progress in your career, become the hiring manager, but would still like a bit of help with your English? We’ve got you covered for that, too. We’ll help you find the right words for writing your job advert, and the right questions to ask candidates during the interview stage.

Office talk

Master how to navigate conversations in the office, whether it’s a physical space or a remote setting. Pick up business English words and phrases to describe your role, name different departments, and talk about company structure.

Plus, learn useful phrases that propose plans and kickstart discussions.

Calls & meetings

Whether you’re a leader or a participant, meetings can be intimidating places to be when you’re not speaking your native tongue. Overcome any fears by learning business meeting vocabulary, covering everything from booking a room, to checking everyone’s availability, plus how to (politely!) make your voice heard.

As for making and receiving calls, or having in-depth conversations with your manager? Take our business English lessons covering advice on dealing with over-the-phone encounters, raising difficult issues, and discussing your performance.

Business emails

Writing a professional email in English can feel like the ultimate test of your writing skills. Pass it with flying colours, by learning common phrases and best practice on formatting a business email in English – from the correct address to the sign-off.

Computers & IT

No online course on learning how to communicate in an English speaking business would be complete without a tech-focused phrasebook. Memorise the fundamentals to daily working life, from computer equipment to common computer programs.

Learn industry-specific English business vocabulary

Industry Topics
English for Customer Care Opening and closing a customer service interaction, either over the phone or via email
Identifying then investigating the customer’s issue
English for Software Engineering Learning the names for different roles in software engineering (i.e., data scientist, backend engineer etc.)
Discussing code and fixing bugs

3 tips on speaking confidently in the workplace

Learn English in 10 minutes a day

1. Start with 10 minutes

Learn how to speak English fluently and confidently in the workplace, by trying your first online English lesson for free. Our research shows that studying in 10-minute, bite-sized chunks is best.

Track your English learning progress

2. Track your progress

Stay motivated by keeping a record of progress with your business English . Use tools like our Study Plan to track things like Fluency Score and the words you’ve learned against your goals.

Be unafraid to make mistakes in English when you're learning

3. Make lots of mistakes

Making mistakes and learning from them is truly the best way to learn English! Too shy to make mistakes at work? Test out your spoken English in a safe space – and improve with feedback – with our app’s Conversations feature.