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Learning a language should be fun! Flashcards and quizzes make it engaging and interactive. New exercises make it exciting and challenging.



Learn a language through repetition of what you've already learnt. Take a review lesson to check what you've understood and what you need to study more of.



Interact with people from other countries - or even continents - and make friends worldwide. Learning a language is always about practice!

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Michal, Poland

If you're as passionate as I am about learning languages, you'll get addicted to this site. They offer many languages to choose from and with the premium account you can learn more than one language (good if you want to maintain the level of the languages you already know).


Luiza, The UK

Lessons have logic, are divided into chapters, and each chapter includes a field. Ex. numbers, colors, people, clothing, job, weather, etc. Easily assimilated, systematic and a good opportunity for someone who wants to learn German. Thank you, Busuu!


Miriam, Italy

Someone uses a lot of advertisement for promoting his website, Busuu use the quality to promote itself! After years of learning and improving foreign languages, I realized that Busuu is the best website! And let's note that Busuu campaigned to save the Silbo Gomero!!!

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