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Learn to speak English

Learn to speak English

Learn how to speak proper English with a combination of our AI powered pronunciation exercises and dialogues made by our English experts. You can also try our conversation exercises and practice speaking with English speakers from our online community. Learn to read and speak English with fun articles and videos.

Complete English language course

Complete English language course

We have over a hundred units in our online English course. Choose the topics you're most interested in, whether it’s culture, history or travel. We even have an English for Business course to help you improve your career opportunities. No matter what your goals are, we’ve got some simple and fun lessons for you!

Tips on learning English online

Busuu's English language expert, Harriet, talks about how we could be more efficient while learning English online.

She’ll answer the following questions for you:

  1. How can I find time to learn English online?
  2. How can I memorise difficult English vocabulary without spending days on it?
  3. How can I get the English practice I need?

How can Busuu’s features help you master the English language?

study plan

Create a Study Plan

Let us do the hard work! You decide when to learn and how much you want to learn, and we will create a personalised study plan for you to help you learn English quicker.

vocabulary trainer

Try our Vocabulary Trainer

Improve your English vocabulary - it's fast and easy with Busuu’s Vocabulary Trainer. With this feature, you can learn new English words or revise the ones you've already learnt.

fluency score

Track your Fluency Score

Track your progress and see your fluency score improve over time. Don’t worry if you miss a day, we’ll keep you on track and motivated with a series of fun English exercises.

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Why should you learn English?

English is a global language spoken by over a billion people in the world. You probably have some prior knowledge of the English language already, but we are here to help you get better, stay motivated and ensure that you feel confident when having a conversation in English.

Our lessons range from English for beginner A1 to upper intermediate B2 levels; you can start from any lesson or level and even get certified by McGraw-Hill Education when you progress to the next level. We’ve also partnered with New York Times and The Economist to give you some additional reading and video content and exercises. If you’re looking to travel to an English speaking country or improve your career opportunities with English, then try our English for Travel or English for Business courses.

How to motivate yourself to learn English online?

Don’t take mistakes personally

Mistakes can be the most powerful enemies on your language learning journey. Some learners can feel humiliated when making mistakes and as a result can become very demotivated. But you shouldn’t let mistakes deter you from reaching your language learning goals. The aim of learning a language is to communicate and therefore when you make mistakes while learning and speaking English, they help you remember more easily - overcoming mistakes is how you know you’re truly learning!

Start a success journal

Motivate yourself every day by keeping track of your progress. After each lesson, write down what you’ve learned and what you’ve achieved today. Don’t forget to add details and avoid vague, generic information. Keeping a journal means that you can always look back and review how far you’ve come.

What should I do if I feel lazy?

Break down your objectives into smaller chunks and start to take smaller, more manageable steps to achieve your goal. If you feel that you don’t have the time or energy to study, choose a simple task that will still help you learn or review something: spend 5 minutes reading a text in English or watch a short video on YouTube. After doing that, you might feel more encouraged and maybe even capable of completing a full lesson, leaving you feeling much more satisfied after.

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