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Learn to speak Arabic with Busuu's complete Arabic language course

Complete Arabic

Discover the fastest way to learn Arabic with our Complete Arabic online course. Whether you’re starting from scratch with Arabic letters, learning basic Arabic words for beginners, or phrases to discuss more complicated topics, our course has got you covered.

Learn Arabic for Travel with Busuu's online course

Arabic for Travel

If you want to take a trip to an Arabic-speaking country, you might like our Arabic for Travel course. Learn all the essential phrases you’ll need to live your best life on your holiday – from asking for directions to making a reservation.

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1. Start speaking Arabic

Get familiar with all the essentials in our Complete Arabic course, plan for a holiday with Arabic for Travel, or try our Arabic Alphabet course to grow your skills in reading and writing.

Track Arabic progress with Busuu's Study Plan feature

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Move through bite-sized lessons up to B2-level and build towards whole conversations in Arabic, always with the support of the Busuu Community.

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3. Achieve your goals

Build a learning streak and prove to yourself just how far you’ve come. Use our personalized revision tools to review your progress and feel supported at every step.

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