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Enjoy hundreds of Polish language lessons online. With Busuu, learning a language is simple, fun and effective.

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Learn to speak Polish

Learn to speak Polish

Learn to speak Polish with a combination of our AI powered pronunciation exercises and dialogues made by our language experts. At Busuu, we know that just 10 minutes a day is enough to make big strides in learning a new language.

Complete Polish language course

Complete Polish language course

We have over 60 units in our online Polish course. Choose the topics you're most interested in, whether it’s culture, food or travel. No matter what your goals are and why you want to learn Polish, we’ve got some simple and fun lessons for you!

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writing and speaking exercises

Join our Community

Learning Polish on your own can be challenging, hence we’ve created an online community to keep you on track. Write, speak and connect with Polish native speakers from our community.

vocabulary trainer

Try our Vocabulary Trainer

How many words can you learn in one week? Challenge yourself and use our Vocabulary Trainer feature to help you keep track and memorise the new words you’ve just learnt.

fluency score

Track your Fluency Score

Track your progress and see your fluency score improve over time. Don’t worry if you miss a day, we’ll keep you on track and motivated with a series of fun exercises.

Why should you learn Polish

Polish is the second most spoken Slavic language in the world with just over 50 million native speakers. You can find large communities of Polish speakers all around the world including the UK, US, Australia and Germany. Although seemingly difficult at first glance, especially for an English speaker, Polish is actually one of the most useful and easiest Slavic languages to learn. Its official written alphabet is in the latin script with the addition of 9 extra letters - ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ź, ż. It's much easier to read than Russian. Once you know the basics of the Polish language, you’ll be able to understand and learn other Slavic languages like Russian and Czech much quicker, and you can finally have a go at pronuncing the longest word in Polish “Dziewięćsetdziewięćdziesięciodziewięcionarodowościowego”.

Remember that learning a language is a challenge and a long term goal. We’re here to help you reach that dream faster and easier. It doesn’t happen overnight, but once you know a language, you know it for life!

What you will achieve with our course

Whether you’re visiting Poland, building up your career, or learning Polish to better understand the culture, we’ve got you covered! Our lessons range from beginner to upper intermediate levels; you can start from any lesson or level. Start by learning how to say “how are you” and “thank you” in Polish, and by the end of our course you’ll be able to tell a local about your interests and hobbies, and share your opinions on a variety of topics.

Example topics in our course

  • Beginner A1: Greeting people, jobs, numbers, colours, objects, food & drinks and basic grammar
  • Elementary A2: Conversations, shopping, eating out, travel and asking for directions
  • Intermediate B1: Job interviews, holidays, dating, culture, news and sharing opinions
  • Upper Intermediate B2: Religion, entertainment, world news and media

Polish for Travel course

If you're planning to travel to Poland soon and don't have time to complete the full course, we also offer a Polish for Travel course that will teach you some survival phrases to help you get around. Learn how to ask for directions, buy tickets and get recommendations from locals.

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