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A guide on how to count from 1 to 100

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Can you count in English? Learning to pronounce and write numbers in a new language is important for communicating information like a phone number or everyday activities, like ordering at a restaurant. In this quick guide, we’ll learn how to write, spell, and pronounce the English numbers one through to one hundred (1-100).

English numbers come from its two root languages, French and German. If you’re a native speaker of a Germanic or Romance language, many of these will sound familiar. If you’re not, we’ll still have you up to speed in no time.

What are the numbers 1 to 100?

Below, we’ve shared the numbers 1-100. We’ve broken them down into sets of 10 so you can familiarise yourself with them in small quantities. We have given you the numeral (or figure), the English spelling, and the pronunciation for all one hundred numbers.

English numbers infographic, courtesy of Busuu

English numbers 0-10

Numeral Spelling Pronunciation
0 zero ZEEUH-roh
1 one wuhn
2 two too
3 three three
4 four fawr
5 five faiv
6 six six
7 seven SEH-vuhn
8 eight ayt
9 nine nain
10 ten tehn

Okay, we snuck in a bonus number. The number zero (0) comes before one and represents no quantity, neither negative nor positive. Zero is sometimes also called “nought” or “nil” in British English.

The English number 10 is spelled ‘ten’.

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English numbers 11-20

Numeral Spelling Pronunciation
11 eleven ee-LEHV-uhn
12 twelve TWEL-vh
13 thirteen THUHR-teen
14 fourteen FAWR-teen
15 fifteen FIF-teen
16 sixteen SIX-teen
17 seventeen SEH-vuhn-teen
18 eighteen AY-teen
19 nineteen NAIN-teen
20 twenty TWEHN-tee

The suffix ‘-teen’ comes from the English word ten and at its root means plus 10. That means you can break down a number like fourteen (four-teen) to find the quantity (4 + 10).

Fun fact: the English word ‘teenager’ quite literally means a person whose age ends with ‘-teen’.

Just like the numbers 1-10, these numbers are all one word, with no hyphens (-). The English number 20 is spelled ‘twenty’.

English numbers 21-50

Numeral Spelling Pronunciation
21 twenty-one TWEN-tee-WUHN
22 twenty-two TWEN-tee-TOO
23 twenty-three TWEN-tee-THREE
24 twenty-four TWEN-tee-FAWR
25 twenty-five TWEN-tee-FAIV
26 twenty-six TWEN-tee-SIX
27 twenty-seven TWEN-tee-SEH-vuhn
28 twenty-eight TWEN-tee-AYT
29 twenty-nine TWEN-tee-NAIN
30 thirty THUHR-tee
31 thirty-one THUHR-tee-WUHN
32 thirty-two THUHR-tee-TOO
33 thirty-three THUHR-tee-THREE
34 thirty-four THUHR-tee-FAWR
35 thirty-five THUHR-tee-FAIV
36 thirty-six THUHR-tee-SIX
37 thirty-seven THUHR-tee-SEH-vuhn
38 thirty-eight THUHR-tee-AYT
39 thirty-nine THUHR-tee-NAIN
40 forty FAWR-tee
41 forty-one FAWR-tee-WUHN
42 forty-two FAWR-tee-TOO
43 forty-three FAWR-tee-THREE
44 forty-four FAWR-tee-FAWR
45 forty-five FAWR-tee-FAIV
46 forty-six FAWR-tee-SIX
47 forty-seven FAWR-tee-SEH-vuhn
48 forty-eight FAWR-tee-AYT
49 forty-nine FAWR-tee-NAIN
50 fifty FIF-tee

Cheers, you’re halfway to 100! Once you get into numbers above twenty, you can follow a reliable pattern. Each of these number words starts with the tens number (twenty, thirty, etc.) connected with a hyphen to a ones number.

While you have ‘four’ and ‘fourth’ in English, the ‘forty’ spelling catches a lot of people out. Many mistakenly think it’s spelled ‘fourty’, but the numbers spelling lost the ‘u’, shortening over time.

English numbers 51-100

Numeral Spelling Pronunciation
51 fifty-one FIF -tee-WUHN
52 fifty-two FIF-tee-TOO
53 fifty-three FIF-tee-THREE
54 fifty-four FIF-tee-FAWR
55 fifty-five FIF-tee-FAIV
56 fifty-six FIF-tee-SIX
57 fifty-seven FIF-tee-SEH-vuhn
58 fifty-eight FIF-tee-AYT
59 fifty-nine FIF-tee-NAIN
60 sixty SIX-tee
61 sixty-one SIX-tee-WUHN
62 sixty-two SIX-tee-TOO
63 sixty-three SIX-tee-THREE
64 sixty-four SIX-tee-FAWR
65 sixty-five SIX-tee-FAIV
66 sixty-six SIX-tee-SIX
67 sixty-seven SIX-tee-SEH-vuhn
68 sixty-eight SIX-tee-AYT
69 sixty-nine SIX-tee-NAIN
70 seventy SEH-vuhn-tee
71 seventy-one SEH-vuhn-tee-WUHN
72 seventy-two SEH-vuhn-tee-TOO
73 seventy-three SEH-vuhn-tee-THREE
74 seventy-four SEH-vuhn-tee-FAWR
75 seventy-five SEH-vuhn-tee-FAIV
76 seventy-six SEH-vuhn-tee-SIX
77 seventy-seven SEH-vuhn-tee-SEH-vuhn
78 seventy-eight SEH-vuhn-tee-AYT
79 seventy-nine SEH-vuhn-tee-NAIN
80 eighty AY-tee
81 eighty-one AY-tee-WUHN
82 eighty-two AY-tee-TOO
83 eighty-three AY-tee-THREE
84 eighty-four AY-tee-FAWR
85 eighty-five AY-tee-FAIV
86 eighty-six AY-tee-SIX
87 eighty-seven AY-tee-SEH-vuhn
88 eighty-eight AY-tee-AYT
89 eighty-nine AY-tee-NAIN
90 ninety NAIN-tee
91 ninety-one NAIN-tee-WUHN
92 ninety-two NAIN-tee-TOO
93 ninety-three NAIN-tee-THREE
94 ninety-four NAIN-tee-FAWR
95 ninety-five NAIN-tee-FAIV
96 ninety-six NAIN-tee-SIX
97 ninety-seven NAIN-tee-SEH-vuhn
98 ninety-eight NAIN-tee-AYT
99 ninety-nine NAIN-tee-NAIN
100 one hundred WUHN HUHN-druhd

You’ve made it to one hundred (100)!

Take a breather.

One hundred is spelled with a space and no hyphens and is also simply called “a hundred”.

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Counting to higher numbers? These number spellings will help you understand how to read, write and pronounce common numbers up to one million.

Larger English numbers: 1,000-1,000,000

Numeral Spelling Pronunciation
1000 one thousand WUHN THOW-suhnd
10,000 ten thousand TEHN THOW-suhnd
100,000 one hundred thousand WUHN HUHN-druhd THOW-suhnd
1,000,000 one million WUHN MIL-yuhn

You just learned the cardinal numbers – meaning numbers valued by quantity. Next, we’ll learn the ordinal numbers, which are valued by order – ‘first’, ‘second’ etc.

This is useful for describing items or telling a story in sequence.

For example:

‘First, we left the house. Second, we drove to the supermarket…’

Here are the cardinal numbers with their full names and numeral abbreviations:

Cardinal vs. ordinal numbers

Root Numeral Ordinal Number Abbreviation
1 first 1st
2 second 2nd
3 third 3rd
4 fourth 4th
5 fifth 5th
6 sixth 6th
7 seventh 7th
8 eighth 8th
9 ninth 9th
10 tenth 10th

While the first three numbers are irregular, starting with ‘fourth’ you can follow the regular pattern of all words ending with ‘-th’, making it easy to guess the ending for numbers not ending in one, two or three.

When should you spell out a number in English?

In general, numbers are only spelled out when they are written in small quantities (one to nine) in a text or when they start a sentence. But of course, there can be exceptions.

Differences in how to write English numbers

While spelled the same across all English-speaking countries, there are some differences in the ways that English numerals are written.


Zero is sometimes written with a slash through it to differentiate between 0 and the letter ‘O’. The slash is more common in Europe and British English.


The letter one can be written as a straight line, a line with an angled line at the top, or a line with an angled line at the top and a line at the base. The two simpler forms without a base are more common in Europe and British English.


The vertical line and the angled line are sometimes connected at the top and are sometimes left open. Either version is accepted and recognized.


Seven is sometimes written with a slash through the middle to avoid confusion with the simple ‘1’ without a base. This for is more common in British English.

You’ve made it to the end! To practice your numbers, count or say common numbers in your life, like your age, your number of kids, your address, or your phone number.

There’s an expression in English to describe something easy as being ‘as easy as 1, 2, 3!’. We hope that you feel confident and empowered after this lesson.

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