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busuu is an app that offers a wide range of features: grammar units, vocabulary cards and different types of exercises. Each lesson includes exercises for each grammar rule and a review after every 5 lessons to make sure you memorise the content better. With busuu, you can learn English words, take tests, practice grammar rules and much more.

Different exercises that busuu offers:

  • Build the sentence: with the given words, learn how to build the correct sentences;
  • Word choice: choose which word fits best in the sentence or expression or write the word that you need to complete the sentence;
  • True / False: check if the translation or meaning is correct;
  • Multiple choice: choose what sentence or expression translates the given sentence correctly / answers the questions;
  • Match the pairs: match the translation with the correct word.

We offer exercises for different grammar rules:

Grammar rules
· Many / much
· There is / there are
· This-that / these-those
· Questions and exercises
· Prepositions
· Comparatives
· Adjectives
· Plural

What does busuu offer?

busuu app
  • 1. Get your result in a second. All your tests are marked in a second so you can learn more things faster without waiting for your results.
  • 2. Fast and efficient It was demonstrated that 20 hours with busuu are the equivalent of 1 semester of language learning at university. Where else can you achieve more?
  • 3. Made just for you Our courses include different topics and types of exercises to make sure you learn what you love and what’s more convenient to you.