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We empower people through languages

Learn useful, real-world language skills and make authentic connections with Busuu. Whether you’re learning for a new job, new love, or simply gaining a new skill, your path to fluency starts here.

Our combination of self-paced study and the chance to practise with native speakers around the world is proven to be the best way to learn a language.

Curious about why over 120 million people registered for our award-winning platform?

How Busuu works

Language learning that fits around your life

Immerse yourself in another language with bite-sized lessons created by experts, video bites featuring native speakers and checkpoint quizzes to keep on track with your learning. Combine this with AI-powered grammar training and feedback on exercises from real people, and you'll be on your way to achieving your goals in a few minutes a day.

Busuu self-paced study

Build confidence for real-world conversations

By being part of our online Community you'll have access to native speakers worldwide sharing their language knowledge. Improve your pronunciation and fluency with insider language tips on written or spoken exercises to learn the language you need for everyday conversations.

Busuu community

Gain Busuu Certificates

Learning a language is a big accomplishment, so we treat it that way. Busuu is one of the world's most respected education companies, and our lessons use the internationally recognised Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for language learning. As you pass checkpoints and level completion tests, you'll earn more than a certificate — you'll build great study habits, too.

Busuu certificates

Busuu for Business

Over 600 global organisations, including Puma and L'Oréal, trust Busuu to deliver employee language learning programmes. Languages help brands attract better talent, drive productivity and knowledge transfer, support inclusion, and consolidate cost. It also boosts sales, encourages scale, and ensures better communication with clients and customers.

Our story

Co-founders Bernhard Niesner and Adrian Hilti met at IE Business School in Spain. While completing their MBAs, they quickly bonded over their love of language, but both were frustrated by traditional language learning methods they felt were outdated, expensive, and too time-consuming.

Named after an endangered language spoken in Cameroon, they developed Busuu for their final project — a language learning platform that offered online courses and interactions with native speakers at an affordable price. It launched soon after they graduated in 2008 and quickly grew to become one of the most recognisable brands in language education.

In January 2022, Busuu officially became part of global education giant Chegg. Both brands are dedicated to helping learners succeed in their studies and beyond.

Enjoy the power of human connection with Busuu. With us, language learning goes beyond textbooks. Explore self-paced study, real interactions with fluent speakers, and a strong Community to support you.

Join us today, and experience speaking another language with confidence.

Start learning with Busuu.

  • Unlock personal growth: Learning a language is perfect for brain training, learning about new cultures, or improving your grades, as well as preparing for trips or speaking to loved ones.

  • Build global connections: Join our international online Community and learn from native speakers, broadening your cultural understanding. Plus, teach others tips and tricks in your native language!

  • Boost your opportunities: Earn Busuu Certificates for internationally-recognised CEFR levels, proving your progress and adding a valuable new skill to your CV.

  • Learn on your own terms: Enjoy the freedom to learn at your own pace, online or offline, making language learning fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.