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busuu's vision is to empower everyone in the world to learn a new language. We do this through highly engaging, interactive courses in 12 languages on web and mobile. busuu's magic ingredient is its global community of native speakers, who correct each other's exercises while developing their conversational skills. At busuu, every learner is not only a student but also a tutor of their native language.

busuu is committed to revolutionising the language learning process with the use of technology. busuu boasts more than 65m users from over 190 countries and has received several awards such as “Best Education Startup in Europe” and was named as “Best Google Play App 2015.”

The company is named after the language of Busuu in Cameroon, spoken by only eight people.

Visit us at busuu.com or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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Please contact press@busuu.com for any press related enquiries.

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You can download our logo, photo of CEO & co-founder Bernhard Niesner and official busuu product shots below.

You can take screenshots off our website busuu.com, the iOS app store and the Google Play app store.

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