The Busuu language

Busuu gets its name from the endangered Busuu language from Cameroon, spoken by just a small group of people. Listen to the wonderful sounds of the Busuu language in a series of videos that we made with speakers of Busuu.

A message from Onko

Onko says: “Today I am here to tell you that you are the most beautiful animal of the jungle.”

A Busuu joke from Maimuna

Here’s a traditional Busuu joke from Maimuna: “What do you have to give to an elephant with diarrhoea?” - “Space! LOTS of space!"

Get the party started with Ning

When you visit the Busuu people, there’s going to be a big celebration. You’re going to need to learn some key phrases. Listen to Ning and learn how to say: “Pack up your stuff! Stop working! Tonight we are going to have a crazy party!”

Learn to flirt with Beatrice

"When you’re at a Busuu party and you meet that special person, you are going to need some good chat-up lines. Listen to Beatrice and learn how to say: “Even if you have this stupid face, I don’t care… I like you a lot!” If that doesn’t work, nothing will."

A message from Kasara

If you don’t want to know the secret ending of the Busuu story, definitely don’t watch this final message from Kasara. It might take you by surprise...