Busuu partners with great brands to revolutionise language learning

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At Busuu, we aim to provide an outstanding experience to our 90 million learners and shape the future of language learning. By partnering up with well-known companies globally, we offer new opportunities to learn languages in more innovative and engaging ways. Extend your language learning experience by travelling to your dream country with Skyscanner; receive McGraw-Hill Education certificates by finishing A1-B2 tests and share your results on LinkedIn; or improve your language learning experience with Google Home Assistant.

Here is an overview of our partnerships:

Amazon Alexa


Busuu partnered with Google on the Google Home Assistant project to bring language learning into your home. Prompt Google Assistant on your Google Home by saying "Talk to Busuu" and learn Spanish as if you were having a conversation with a real language teacher!


We have launched campaigns with Skyscanner to combine language learning with travelling. Check out our blog posts on how to speak like a Londoner or Scott with a chance to win free perks from Busuu and Skyscanner.

McGraw-Hill Education

Busuu partners with McGraw-Hill Education, one of the world’s largest and most respected education companies. Receive an official language certificate from McGraw-Hill Education when completing a level on Busuu in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Busuu and McGraw-Hill Education also jointly provide language learning solutions for universities and academic institutions.

Learn more about how Busuu can help academic institutions.


Busuu has launched a Quiz Bot for language learning with Microsoft Teams for Education. Busuu’s Quiz Bot is a dedicated classroom within Teams that tests understanding of English, Spanish, French or German. Each course offers vocabulary from beginner level A1 through to intermediate level B1, with over 1000 activities available.


We have created an English course for Uber drivers to improve their language skills and communicate easily with passengers. The course helps drivers in specific situations, such as discussing a route with customers and being able to communicate about day-to-day activities.

Learn more about how Busuu can help organisations.

Amazon Alexa

We’ve developed Spanish, French and German quizzes you can activate on your Amazon Echo devices. Learning with Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa means you can access Busuu through voice activation. Just say “Alexa, launch Busuu Quiz Bot” and you’re ready to go. The quizzes include over 1000 questions and test your vocabulary, translation and true/false knowledge.

Facebook Oculus

We are proud to announce our partnership with Oculus, owned by Facebook, to develop the Virtual Reality app "The Hacienda". Our interactive game will let you practise Spanish for beginners in person, by putting all your spoken skills to the test to level up your learning.