Find out what language is best suited for your unique character

Figure out and learn

People speak so many different fascinating and diverse languages and at one point you might have dreamt that you would be able to speak a handful of them. But picking which language would be right for you to study and master next can sometimes be tricky, so we came here to help you out!

This handy busuu’s guide suggests a language for you to study based on your personality and interests. Are you a rationalist? Do you love to be challenged? Or do you prefer to just go with the flow? Whoever you may be, there are cultures whose language are suited to you!

If you’re a hopeless romantic try French!

french French culture will allow you to learn new ways to live life to the fullest and appreciate beauty and aesthetics along the way. If you feel being in-love, eating lavishly, and fine art are essential to life, then you might enjoy some linguistic insight into the French way of life.

Rationalists should learn German!

german This language is ideal for people who need the comfort and stability routines and plans provide. German speakers plan ahead to achieve their goals. German is an ideal language if you’re a planner who knows where your work-life balance is.

If you can dance, Spanish is calling!

spanish Are you a party animal? Do you enjoy a fun night out? Or do you simply just love to dance? If yes, then the Spanish language is waiting for you. Not only does Spanish sound as beautiful as a song, but Spain is famous for flamenco dance, and Latin America for salsa, bachata, rumba, and more!

Proponent of YOLO? Learn Turkish!

turkish Are you an independent person who doesn’t like to rely on others? Do you prefer to live in the present rather than plan for the future? If so, Turkish is definitely your language. This language is for those who don’t like to hurry and go with the flow.

Ready for a challenge? Chinese!

chinese We all know how difficult this language is. To master it, you must be very ambitious, with plenty of stamina to concentrate on one thing for a long time. Chinese is a language for those who stick to their guns and appreciate a hard journey.