Learning a language this year? This app gets you speaking in just 22 hours

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Whether you’re a seasoned learner or a complete newbie, picking up a new language is something you can achieve. Here are 5 reasons why Busuu is the fastest way to start learning a language this year.

We know how daunting it might feel to learn a new language. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past, or maybe you’ve never taken the leap before and the idea of grammar and vocabulary feels completely alien. Whatever your language level, put your old language woes aside, and let Busuu take you on a brand new learning journey.

To find out how much progress language learners make with Busuu, we commissioned a research team from City University of New York and the University of South Carolina to conduct an independent study of Busuu and other language-learning apps.

The research team, led by Roumen Vesselinov, PhD, from City University New York concluded: “Among all the language learning apps studied so far, the efficacy of Busuu is the best.”

Most importantly, the study revealed that Busuu learners only need to study an average of 22 hours over two months to cover the requirements for one college semester of Spanish.

Wondering why Busuu came out on top? Here are 5 reasons why Busuu is the best app to help you achieve your language learning goal.

Reason 1. Busuu motivates you to learn

First, you’ll get a personalised Study Plan to keep you on track and motivated while you work towards your language-learning goals. What’s even better is that we’ll let you know when exactly you’ll reach your goal, so you can count the days it’ll take you to reach fluency.

Reason 2. You can practise with real people

With Busuu, you can practise your conversation skills with native speakers and get instant feedback on both your written and spoken skills.

From day one you’lll be interacting in the language you are learning – so whether you’re learning for business or travel, work or leisure, you’ll pick up useful and authentic sayings and phrases you can use in your everyday life.

Reason 3. You’ll remember what you learn

Our smart Vocabulary Review will help you memorise all the words you learn. It will even focus on words you’re struggling with, helping you lodge the ones you are most likely to forget in your long-term memory.

Reason 4. You can learn anywhere, without Wi-Fi

Queueing for a coffee? Waiting for a friend? Take Busuu with you and make use of any spare time to keep learning.

Even on your journey to work – just download your lessons and learn with Offline Mode.

Reason 5. Language experts teach you, not robots

Behind the dazzling blue screens of our app are our incredible language experts. Armed with real-world teaching experience, they have hand-crafted our language courses, specifically designed to help you reach fluency, one milestone at a time.

Divided into bite-sized lessons, each and every course on Busuu allows you to learn quickly and effectively.

Don’t just take our word for it, want to try Busuu for yourself?