Use of cookies by Busuu

We collect information by placing cookies on your computer, tablet or mobile device ("device"). A cookie is a small text file that the browser deploys on your device. It is basically a tool that stores information about visits to websites and recognizes you and your preferences every time you visit Busuu. It guarantees the functionality of the site and allows us to provide members with the services they request.

When you visit Busuu, a session identification cookie is implanted in your device that only lasts the time of your visit. We also implant persistent cookies ("local storage devices") on the members' devices, so that they can remember you and make your experience faster and easier.

You can adapt the settings of your browser and mobile device to block cookies and local storage devices, but if you do, you may not have access to the some of the services that Busuu offers.

Why we use these technologies

  • To ensure that we give you the most relevant information in a timely fashion.
  • They help us know who you are, and so we can present content that's personalised, including learning content, friends and advertisements.
  • This will improve your overall experience of Busuu.
  • They help us to improve products and services, so you can do things like see which friends are online to chat, use buttons to share information, and access your learning material.
  • They help make Busuu more secure, informing us if someone tries to access your account or participates in an activity that violates our terms and conditions.

Please see the table below for more information about Busuu's cookie functions and what cookies are used for.

Busuu's cookie functions

Function of cookie Purpose of cookie
Analysis and research Busuu uses Google Analytics to collect information about how the Busuu site is used by visitors. We use the information obtained to prepare reports and as a tool to help us to improve the site. The cookies collect information anonymously, and the data includes the number of visitors to a site, the route taken by visitors to get to Busuu and the pages they have visited. You can find more information about Google's privacy policy here.
Authentication Cookies help us identify our members, so that when you start a session you can enjoy offers, experiences and various Busuu benefits; for example, access our learning content. They also enable us to implement what you've asked for, for example about when you have requested to see the Busuu site in your language or when you have requested Busuu "remember my password".
Integrity services Cookies and local storage devices provide the functionality that our Busuu members enjoy; for example, access our learning content or show you which friends are online. We also use them to help provide experiences, such as links to other social networking sites, social media add-ons and video content, as well as making it easy to share content between Busuu and your other favourite social networks.

In some cases, the features of the site you choose may allow a third party to insert cookies or local storage devices into your device. This third party that introduces cookies on your device is responsible for how you process your data and Busuu recommends that you read their privacy policies.

Third parties that enter cookies on your device when you use Busuu may include, among others, Facebook, Twitter and Google. Here are the links to their privacy policies:
Site performance We need to use some cookies and local storage devices to ensure that our members have an optimal experience, and we do it by helping you navigate our site, making sure that the pages are loaded quickly and respond more quickly to your requests for services of Busuu.

The use we make of cookies and local sharing devices, including the specific names of cookies, may vary over time, but, in general, they are divided into the previous categories. Visit this page regularly to make sure you know the changes.

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