Busuu’s learning statistics

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When you learn on Busuu, you are able to keep track of your learning progress with our new progress screen at the end of each unit and in your Profile.

The Fluency Score provides an indication of your language learning proficiency and is linked to the different levels of our language courses.

Check your progress with our new Fluency Score

CEFR Level Fluency Score After completing this level, you can...
A1 Beginner 1-30% - introduce yourself to new friends
- order a drink and some food in your new language
- ask and answer simple questions on familiar topics
- write short texts and fill in a form with personal details
A2 Elementary 31-55% - make plans to go out with friends
- describe your friends and family
- understand the main point of simple texts and conversations
- begin to have longer conversations on familiar topics
B1 Intermediate 56-75% - describe your favourite films and music
- express emotions, agreement and disagreement
- begin to understand TV programs when the topic is familiar
- have more complex conversations where you give reasons and explanations
B2 Upper Intermediate 76-95% - discuss important issues that affect your life
- understand the main point and important details in the news, take part in
- extended conversations on familiar and new topics
- narrate or write a story, describe the plot of a film or a book

Other learning statistics

Every lesson you complete, every word you learn and all the time you invest in your language development feeds back into your learning statistics.

Words learned

The number of words or phrases that you have studied on Busuu. We only started counting this from 2016, so if you were studying with us prior to that, not everything will have been counted.


The number of official McGraw-Hill Education certificates you have earned, if you are learning English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese or French. Certificates are a great way to prove your proficiency and can be found at the end of each level.

Days learned

A little practice every day is one of the best ways to learn a language. You can now see the total number of active days you’ve been using Busuu. You’ll be amazed at how fast this can grow and shows the investment you’ve put into your learning. We also show your daily streak - the number of consecutive days you’ve been learning on Busuu over the last week - try and do a little every day and keep that streak going.


Our community of language learners offer a unique opportunity to learn from fluent speakers.

Here you can see the number of corrections you’ve given, the number of learners who’ve liked your correction and the number of times you’ve been awarded the best correction. Get more thumbs up and best corrections by helping more people with their language learning and don’t forget to thank others too when they give you feedback.