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Busuu’s English course - English grammar and vocabulary units

Available on web, iOS and Android, Busuu is the fastest and easiest way to learn English online. Advance your career or watch your favourite film in the original version without subtitles! Whatever you want to do, learning English is the first step.

English for Beginners A1

Start your English language learning journey here. In this introduction to English you’ll learn basic English grammar and vocabulary on A1 level based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our speech recognition and Conversations exercises will help ease you into speaking English and help with your English pronunciation from the beginning. Start with the English basics now!

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Elementary A2 English course

Refresh and strengthen your knowledge of English. You will review English vocabulary and grammar you’ve learned in the past and dive into more advanced topics on your way to A2 level proficiency in English. Practise your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills with our fun, interactive course content. English native speakers will help you with valuable feedback in our Conversations exercises.

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English for Intermediate learners B1

Extend your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary with B1 level topics. You’ll deepen your understanding of the language and improve your pronunciation. Learn advanced English grammar with our simple and easy-to-understand grammar tips with examples and you’ll be fluent in English in no time.

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Upper Intermediate B2 English course

Speak like a native with our B2 level course content. Learn all the English grammar you’ll ever need and dive into advanced vocabulary topics. Perfect your English pronunciation, learn about culture and traditions and make new friends all over the world.

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Travel Course

If you need a quick refresher course before your holiday in an English-speaking country, start here! With our English Travel Course you can learn the most important words and terms to get around and leave the phrase book at home. Keep the course on your phone and use it to look things up or refresh your travel English at the beach. That way you’ll be able to speak with locals and tourists alike. With our Offline Mode you can even fit in a few lessons on the plane so you can hit the ground running!

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Business Course

Useful terms and phrases with examples from everyday office situations. Use our Business English Course to get ready for starting a new job, meeting new colleagues, scheduling and running meetings, taking phone calls, talking about computers and much more that will help you with your English communication skills around the office. If you’re looking to learn English to boost your career or always dreamt of working abroad, get started with your Business English lessons today.

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