English for advanced learners B2

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Become fluent in English with our B2 level course content. Learn all the grammar you’ll ever need and dive into advanced vocabulary topics. Perfect your pronunciation, learn about culture and traditions and make new friends all over the world.

Lifestyle, politics and eating habits - Lessons 1-3

Get started with your B2 English course! You’ll be able to improve your English vocabulary with a variety of topics. Ask for restaurant recommendations, talk about allergies and intolerances and have some interesting topics ready for your dinner conversation: the legal system, religion, politics and elections. You’ll also get your dose of English grammar with lessons on compound adjectives, complex adjectives and adverbs, and the future perfect tense.


Nature and environment - Lessons 4-5

Let’s talk about the environment! Learn all the English vocabulary you’ll need to talk about wild animals and sea creatures, as well as camping and environmental issues. The English grammar units in this section focus on deductions and the future perfect continuous tense.


Fashion and culture - Lessons 6-8

This part of the English course covers a wide variety of topics such as fashion, trends & luxury, planets & space and music & TV. You’ll learn to mix conditionals to talk about hypothetical situations, learn to express your hopes and dreams and react to people and situations with appropriate phrases.


Hobbies and everyday situations - Lessons 9-11

This section of the English course takes you into the world of media, advertising and internet. You’ll also learn some useful vocabulary for everyday situations such as a visit to the bank, hairdresser and other social situations. The English grammar sections will introduce you to relative clauses and narrative tenses and you’ll learn all the vocabulary you’ll need to discuss your garden, gardening skills and interest in other outdoor activities.


Marriage and mortgages - Lessons 12-13

In this last section of the B2 course you’ll learn more B2 level vocabulary around the topics of finance and events in your private life. You will learn English vocabulary to talk on the phone and explain events that happened in the past using the past perfect continuous tense.


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