Fashion and culture

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In this section of the English course we’ll look at the whole universe! You’ll learn vocabulary for the topics fashion & luxury, planets & space, music & TV. You’ll also revise the conditional sentences and start mixing them, express hopes and wishes and show positive and negative reactions.

Fashion and luxury - Lesson 6

This English vocabulary unit is all about fashion, trends and luxury goods. Explore the vocabulary of the rich world - posh cars, yachts and jewelry.

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Mixed conditionals - Lesson 6

It’s time to mix our conditional sentences! As you’ll discover, we usually use the first conditional to talk about real or hypothetical events in the future. We can also mix the second and third conditional to talk about hypothetical events in the past or future.

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Universe - Lesson 7

Let’s look at the English names of the planets in our universe and deep dive into some sparkly space vocabulary.

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Wishes - Lesson 7

Learn how to talk about something you wish for with the constructions “If only…” and “I wish”. You’ll be able to talk about hopes and wishes in past and future tenses and form questions and negative sentences.

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Music and TV - Lesson 8

Are you going to a concert? This English vocabulary unit will help you with the words you’ll need to describe your experience! You’ll also learn English words and expressions to talk about TV and what you like to watch.

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Reactions - Lesson 8

In this great vocabulary unit you’ll learn a bunch of English expressions to show your reaction to something or someone, both positive and negative: “You poor thing”, “I don’t mind”, “I’m so disappointed”, “That’s fantastic”, etc.

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