Nature and environment

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This part of the English course is all about nature and the environment. You’ll learn about sea creatures, wild animals, camping and environmental problems. The English grammar focus will be on deductions and the future perfect continuous tense.

Marine life - Lesson 4

In this short English vocabulary unit you’ll learn all about sea creatures, the ocean and jobs that are associated with marine life.

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Camping - Lesson 4

Do you like to go camping? Learn all the English vocabulary you need to enjoy an outdoor adventure. Important words include “tent”, “sleeping mat” and “campsite”.

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Deductions - Lesson 4

This English grammar unit will help you make deductions about things that happened or didn’t happen in the past using “must have”, “can’t have”, “may have”, “might have” and “could have”. You will be able to make the distinction between guessing and stating something as a fact.

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Environmental problems - Lesson 5

We provide you with lots of useful words and phrases to discuss a variety of environmental topics in this English vocabulary unit! You’ll be able to discuss pollution, floods, earthquakes and other environmental issues.

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Wild animals - Lesson 5

This English vocabulary unit teaches you the names of wild animals and introduces terms connected to their natural habitats.

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Future perfect continuous - Lesson 5

Learn how to connect two future times or actions by “looking backwards” from a time in the future as well as actions that will continue up to a point in the future. In this English grammar unit you’ll learn how and when to use the future perfect and future perfect continuous tenses.

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