Lifestyle, politics and eating habits

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Once you’ve gone through these English lessons, you’ll be able to ask for restaurant recommendations and have a few more small talk topics ready when you’re out to dinner. In this section we’ll look at these topics: eating habits, law & justice and faith & religion. Broaden your English vocabulary, give opinions on the legal system and use complex adjectives and adverbs.

Restaurant recommendations - Lesson 1

What’s on the menu? Learn to ask about the food options in an English restaurant and talk about allergies and food intolerances using English phrases such as “gluten-free”, “locally sourced”, “vegetarian”, “low-calorie”and “dairy-free”. Use compound adjectives to ask for recommendations and tell others about your favourite spots to grab a bite.

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Law and justice - Lesson 2

Learn English vocabulary about legal topics that may come in handy if you ever need urgent help abroad or want to understand important legal documents in English. You’ll learn specific juridical vocabulary such as “victim”, “trial”, “verdict”, “guilty”, “lawyer” and “innocent”.

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Faith and religion - Lesson 2

In this English vocabulary unit you’ll learn about the different world religions, terms you use to describe the practice of religion and your feelings towards faith.

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Complex adjectives and adverbs - Lesson 2

In this grammar unit we’ll look at adverbs and adjectives again. We’ll take a closer look at how adverbs are formed from adjectives and where they should be placed within a sentence.

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Politics - Lesson 3

Let’s get political! You’ll learn to describe the government and electoral system and use the future perfect tense to discuss the next elections. You’ll be able to talk about your political views and discuss issues you hear about in the news.

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Future perfect tense - Lesson 3

Let’s talk about the future! We’ll look at the future perfect tense in this grammar unit so you can talk about actions that will be completed in the future.

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