English for Beginners

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Start your English language learning journey here. In your introduction you’ll learn English grammar and vocabulary for level A1 based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our English speech recognition and Conversations exercises will help ease you into speaking English and helps with your English pronunciation from the beginning.

Introductions and greetings - Lessons 1-3

Start learning English with introductions and basic English phrases to use when meeting new people. Ask for someone’s name and how they’re feeling. Your first English grammar units will focus on personal pronouns and the verb “to be”.


Where are you from? - Lessons 4-7

Tell people which country you’re from, which languages you speak and what you do for a living. Learn your second important English verb (“to do”), form simple questions and use English prepositions of place.


Basic English phrases and questions - Lessons 8-11

Ask for help and directions, give your phone number, tell someone what time it is and learn many other useful phrases. You’ll dive into the prepositions of time, learn to describe things near and far with the pronouns "this, that, these, those" and start using the modal verbs "can” and “could" for polite requests.


Your home and family - Lessons 12-14

Describe your house or flat and talk about the people you live with. Learn to use adverbs and adjectives and describe housework, your family members and personal objects with possessive pronouns and the present continuous tense.


Daily routine and hobbies - Lessons 15-18

What do you like to do in your free time? Learn more prepositions of time and adverbs of frequency to describe your daily routine and hobbies and understand verb patterns so that you can talk about sports you like to watch and play.


Talking about the weather and making plans - Lesson 19-23

How was your day? Learn to use the past simple tense to describe what your day has been like, the present continuous tense and negation of verbs to make plans for the weekend and the present simple tense and comparatives to talk about the weather.


Review lessons and Vocabulary Trainer

You’re not sure you remember all the English grammar rules you’ve learnt and all the English vocabulary you’ve seen in the lessons? Don’t panic! At the end of each group of lessons you’ll get a chance to review what’ve you’ve learned and you can practise your new and weak English words with our handy Vocabulary Trainer. It works with a clever algorithm that will help you focus on your weak words and transport all your English vocabulary into your long-term memory. Make sure to complete the Conversations exercises to practise your pronunciation and get useful feedback from English native speakers.


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