Where are you from?

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Learn the English words for countries and languages. Talk about your job with your second English verb: “to do”. We’ll also look at forming questions and prepositions of place.

Foreign languages - Lesson 4

You’re learning English! What other languages do you speak? In this unit you’ll learn how to say which languages you speak and ask others which languages they know.

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The verb “to do” - Lesson 4

In this unit you’ll learn your next English verb: “to do”. You’ll be able to conjugate it and use it to form questions and negative sentences.

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Countries - Lesson 5

Where are you from? We’ll look at the English names for countries so you’ll be able to tell people where you’re from.

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Ask questions with the verb “to be” - Lesson 5

In this English grammar unit we’re going to revise the verb “to be” and learn how to use it in questions and with different personal pronouns.

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Talk about your city - Lesson 6

Talk about where you live using English adjectives such as small, big, quiet, busy. Do you know if you live in a “town”, “city” or “village”?

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Prepositions of place in English - Lesson 6

Learn to say where something or someone is and where you’re from in English using prepositions of place such as:

  • in
  • at
  • near
  • far from
  • next to

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    Talk about your job - Lesson 7

    Learn to talk about professions and specialisations in this English vocabulary unit. Be able to tell someone what your job is and describe your everyday responsibilities. Are you still studying? Learn to tell people what career you’re aspiring to.

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    What do you do? - Lesson 7

    Speak about your daily routine. What do you usually do? You’ll learn to describe your everyday activities with the verbs “work”, “study” and “do”.

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