English for elementary level A2

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Refresh and strengthen your knowledge of English. You will review English vocabulary and grammar you’ve learned in the past and dive into more advanced topics on your way to A2 level proficiency. Practise your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills with our fun, interactive course content. English native speakers will help you with valuable feedback in our Conversations exercises.

Family and friends - Lessons 1-4

Let’s go out! Learn how to make plans to meet for dinner in English, go shopping and to the cinema. You’ll be able to talk about your family and friends, relatives and relationships as well as their personality traits. You’ll know all about phrasal verbs, contractions, the passive form and superlatives.


Work and school - Lessons 5-8

With this deep dive into the past simple and past continuous you’ll be able to express likes and dislikes and learn all the English vocabulary you need to talk about education and work in general, and schools, universities and the office in particular.


Cooking and housework - Lessons 9-13

You’ll learn to describe everyday tasks such as cooking, doing the dishes and making dinner and talk about the place you live, your flatmates and neighbourhood. You’ll also learn to eat out in a restaurant using common English phrases to order. You’ll be able to use the auxiliary verb “to have” and learn the correct use of “to do” vs. “to make”, and the English grammar focus will be on phrasal verbs, the gerund, the different uses of present perfect vs. past simple as well as building questions in different tenses.


We're going on holiday - Lessons 14-17

You’ll learn to discuss weekend trips using English holiday phrases and holiday plans with the future tenses such as present future with “will” and “going to”. You’ll be able to talk about seasons, transportation and things to do while on holiday with prepositions of time, compound adjectives and the first conditional.


Health complaints and advice - Lessons 18-19

In the final lessons of our A2 English course you’ll be able to use irregular verbs in the past simple, reported speech, imperatives and the second conditional to talk about many different topics such as clothes, party planning and general health concerns.


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