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Learn English words and phrases to talk about your holiday plans, travel arrangements, the weather and the rooms and things inside your house. The English grammar topics in this section include the future simple tense, the present continuous tense and the conditionals!

Travelling and holidays - Lesson 14

Are you planning a trip? Learn useful English vocabulary to plan your trip and talk about what you will do while on holiday.

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Future simple - Lesson 14

Let’s focus in the future simple tense in this English grammar unit. You’ll be able to make predictions and future plans with “going to”, “thinking of” and “preparing to”.

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Weather forecast - Lesson 15

The English love to talk about the weather! Let’s look at different weather conditions and the nouns, verbs and adjectives you need to talk about the weather and understand the weather forecast.

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Present continuous - Lesson 15

In this English grammar unit we’ll focus in the correct use of the present continuous tense to describe future arrangements and temporary actions happening at the moment.

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Travelling by plane or train - Lesson 16

Learn essential English travel vocabulary that will come in handy at the airport - “delayed”, ”to land”, “to take off”, “aisle seat” and “to check in”. In case you prefer to travel by train, we’ll make sure you also know useful words and phrases for situations at the train station: “departure time”, “train fare”, “carriage” and “sleeper train”.

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Zero and first conditional - Lesson 16

This English grammar unit is all about conditionals. Learn how to talk about possible events and what might happen in the future. We’ll also look at the difference between the zero conditional and first conditional and when to use them.

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Inside your house - Lesson 17

Learn the English words for rooms in your house and different types of furniture in the various rooms, e.g. bedroom, living room, bathroom, toilet.

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Second conditional - Lesson 17

We’ll look at conditionals again, this unit focuses on the second conditional which is used for unreal or hypothetical situations in the present or future. We’ll also look at forming negative sentences with the second conditional.

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