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In these English lessons we focus on vocabulary topics such as football, literature and feelings. The grammar units are focused on the future continuous tense, the third conditional and tag questions.

Football - Lesson 14

Explore useful English words to discuss football in this English vocabulary unit: “match”, “pitch”, “goal”, “goalkeeper”, “bench”, “referee”, “league”, substitution” and “penalty”.

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English literature - Lesson 14

Learn about different literature genres and how you can describe books you’ve read and enjoyed. You’ll learn several useful verbs, nouns and adjectives.

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Future continuous - Lesson 14

In this English grammar unit we’ll talk about actions that will (or won't) happen at a specific time in the future, actions in progress at a point in the future as well as future arrangements and plans using the future continuous tense.

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Third conditional - Lesson 14

This English grammar unit focuses on the third conditional. It is used to talk about hypothetical situations in the past and the imagined result of “what could have been”.

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Express your feelings - Lesson 15

Learn how to talk about different moods and express positive and negative feelings using adjectives such as “satisfied”, “proud”, “determined”, “confident”, “enthusiastic”, “capable”, “upset”, “hurt”, “exhausted”, “anxious” “offended” and “infuriated”.

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Tag questions - Lesson 15

In this English grammar unit we look at tag questions - did you know they are the most commonly used questions? They help you keep the conversation going; take a look at the examples: “She looks happy, doesn’t she?” and “You don’t love him, do you?”

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