Lifestyle and dating

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These first lessons of the B1 English course focus on dating and topics that are useful on a night out, such as ordering drinks in a bar, or your favourite songs and films. The grammar units focus on adjectives and adverbs, auxiliary verbs, conditional forms and past tenses. You’ll also learn to discuss different lifestyles and talk about your upbringing.

Fancy a drink? - Lesson 1

Practise conversations that might happen in a bar or while ordering a drink. We’ll also look at the various uses of the verb “to get” - it can mean “to understand”, “to answer”, “to buy” and “to become”.

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It’s a date! - Lesson 2

Learn how to talk about your feelings with Busuu’s vocabulary unit centred on love & dating.

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Should / must / have to - Lesson 2

Learn to use the auxiliary verbs “should”, “must” and “have to” to give advice in both positive and negative sentences in this English grammar unit.

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Film and music - Lesson 3

What kind of films or music do you like? You’ll be able to talk about your favourite films and music and use cool abbreviations such as “rom-com” for romantic comedy and “sci-fi” for science fiction.

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Adjective and adverbs - Lesson 3

Time to learn more adjectives and adverbs! In this English grammar unit we’ll look at more words that help you describe things and actions, including gradable adjectives such as: “good”, “bad”, “funny” and “scary”.

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Different lifestyles - Lesson 4

In this English vocabulary unit we focus on useful English verbs and adjectives that are useful to describe and give advice regarding different lifestyles: “healthy”, “unhealthy”, “tend to”, “ought to”, “used to”, “to lead”.

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Adverbs, modals and verb patterns - Lesson 4

Revise important English grammar topics in this unit of the Busuu’s English course: adverbs, modal verbs and verb patterns.

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When I was… - Lesson 5

Learn how to talk about different stages of your life and how to use the numbers you already know to describe someone’s age in different ways (e.g. “in my twenties”, “in her sixties”).

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Past tenses and conditional forms - Lesson 5

In this English grammar unit you’ll be able to revise and practise the past tenses and conditionals you’ve learnt with extra exercises.

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