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If you need a quick refresher course before your holiday in an English-speaking country, start here! With our English Travel Course you can learn the most important English words and terms to get around and leave the phrase book at home. Keep the course on your phone and use it to look things up or refresh your travel English at the beach. That way you’ll be able to speak with locals and tourists alike. With our Offline Mode you can even fit in a few lessons on the plane so you can hit the ground running!

Travel essentials - Lesson 1

Check out these essential English survival phrases for your next trip abroad. You’ll learn typical questions and possible replies you may hear, e.g. “Do you speak English?”, “Can you write it down?” and “Can you speak more slowly?”

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Making conversation - Lesson 1

Learn the most essential English questions and phrases to have a conversation with locals or other tourists such as: “Are you on holiday?”, “How long are you staying for?”, “I’m here on business.” and “I’m here for a week.”

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Getting around - Lesson 2

This English Travel Course lesson focuses on transportation - learn to ask for train times and how to get to the airport; talk about the price of tickets and find your departure platform.

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Asking the locals - Lesson 3

Let’s look at phrases and questions to ask and understand directions to your hotel, the airport or a tourist attraction. Learn to ask for restaurant recommendations, find the best cafes and spots worth visiting.

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Sightseeing - Lesson 4

This lesson is centred around basic phrases and questions you need to know when visiting a tourist attraction such as a museum - how to buy a ticket, ask if it’s allowed to take photos and organising a cost-efficient tour.

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Master essential travel phrases with our English Travel Course!