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  • Learn the differences between "can", "could", "might", "may" and when to use each of them.

  • Explore every tense in the English language and complete Busuu's lessons to memorise them all.

  • Mass and count nouns. This grammar rule might be confusing but Busuu knows how to make it easier.

3 steps to improve your English grammar



Improve your grammar by writing short stories. Apply the grammar rules that you've learnt. And don't forget to check your corrections.



See how different grammar rules are applied by native speakers. You can do this by reading newspapers, social media or novels.



Listen to native speakers. Try repeating what they say in order to hear how grammar rules work in speech.

Are you making these typical English mistakes?

Check out this video in which Busuu's English language expert, Harriet, talks about:

  • prepositions
  • articles
  • tenses

Grammar topics you can learn with Busuu

A1 A2 B1 B2
Personal pronouns Present Perfect Passives Future Perfect
Prepositions of movement Conditionals Past Perfect The Causative
Questions and question words Superlatives Should/ must/ have to Past Perfect Continuous
Simple tenses Irregular Verbs Future continuous Narrative tenses

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