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How can Busuu help you?

  • Vocab trainer
    Strengthen your weak words and learn new ones with our special feature. It has personalised quizzes that will build words into your long-term memory.

  • Special courses
    Our Travel and Business courses will help you if you need to learn a few expressions for a business trip or before your visit to a foreign country.

  • Printouts
    Each lesson includes new words and expressions. To make it easier for you to memorise all of them we've created printouts. Just print and learn!

3 steps to learn vocabulary faster

Step 1

Step 1

Create associations with the words in your language or with other words you've already learnt.

Step 2

Step 2

Constantly use new words or expressions. Say or write them in 5 or 6 different sentences.

Step 3

Step 3

Check how to apply the words you're learning in different situations. Look for collocations or idioms.

Learn new English words with Harriet

  • Which are the best expressions to learn?

  • How can I memorise new words easily?

  • How can I achieve fluency?

How to learn new words and build them into your long-term memory

Step Action
1. Read, read, read ... and select the words you want to learn
2. Keep a dictionary close and check the meaning of new words
3. Use a journal to write down a word, definition and translation
4. Discover where the word comes from and create associations with similar words
5. Test your memory by adding new words to each sentence you write or say
6. Engage in conversations with real native speakers on Busuu

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