Open University research study

User evaluation of Busuu

Fernando Rosell-Aguilar, Senior Lecturer in Modern Languages at Open University, conducted a study in which he analysed learners’ opinion about the Busuu app.

How was the research carried out?

This study was conducted in May 2016. The questionnaire was sent via in-app message in English and Spanish and received 4095 answers in total.

2265 responded to the English questionnaire and 1830 responded to the Spanish questionnaire. Respondents were 50% male and 48% female. 40% were learning English, followed by French (13%), German (11%), Spanish (8%), Japanese (7%), Italian (6%), Turkish and Portuguese (4%), Russian (2%), Chinese (1.5%), and Polish (0.8%). Answers were anonymous, and no incentives were provided to those who answered these questions.

How do these learners use our app?

They come back often
Most learners use the Busuu app several times a week.

They make good use of their time in the app
Most learners spend 16-30 minutes on the app each session.

They like to practise their skills with Busuu
Learners’ favourite Busuu features were vocabulary, listening and grammar practice.

What do these learners think of our app?



of learners stated the Busuu app is better than expected or met their expectations



of respondents rated the overall quality of the Busuu app as good or very good



agree that Busuu helped them improve their knowledge of the language they are learning

If you would like to find out more, you can read the full study here.