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Learn Chinese Online

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Why learn Chinese?

Learn Chinese Online

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world as it is the mother tongue of more than 1.34 billion people, i.e. one fourth of the world’s population. Chinese is mainly spoken in China which has the second largest economy in the world. It is also spoken in many Asian countries, such as Singapore, Macau, parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan, making it the Lingua Franca of Asia.

The Chinese civilisation is one of the oldest in the world with over 5000 years of culture and traditions. Furthermore, the Chinese economy is growing at an exponential rate, transforming China into the factory of the world. Made in China is now an international fact of life.

Learn Chinese Online

  • Chinese is the mother tongue of one fourth of the world’s total population.
  • China’s economy is the second largest in the world, producing most of our everyday products. The fact is that China is the factory of the world where everything is Made in China.
  • Knowing Chinese will set your CV apart and will boost your professional career. It will open new work opportunities to you!
  • Chinese is the Lingua Franca of Asia. You can never go wrong with Chinese in Asia!
  • Chinese will open new travel destinations to you, where you can experience first hand one of the oldest cultures in the world.
  • Chinese is a musical language with more than 4 tones, and it has no plural and no tenses!