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Learn Polish Online

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Why learn Polish?

Learn Polish Online

Polish is spoken by 46 million people, making it the 21st most spoken language in the world. Polish is mainly spoken in Poland, one of the largest EU states in terms of population. In fact, it is the 6th most populous in Europe. Polish is also spoken among the Polish diaspora around the world, namely in Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, the UK, the US, the Czech Republic, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, France, Australia, Ireland and Israel.

It is one of the Slavic languages that are written in a Latin alphabet, making it easier to learn. It can also allow you to understand other more difficult Slavic languages.

Learn Polish Online

  • Poland’s location makes it a link between east and west. Learning Polish will open up new business opportunities for you, specially since Poland became an EU member in 2004.
  • Polish is the language of many Nobel Prize winners such as Marie Curie, the first woman to hold a doctorate in Physics. She discovered Polonium and Radium and did research into the use of radioactivity in cancer treatment
  • Polish is the mother tongue of music geniuses such as Frederic Chopin. In addition, Poland is the home of famous scientists such as Nicolas Copernicus, the father of modern European astronomy, and eminent figures such as Pope John Paul II.
  • Polish will open up a whole new world of travel: beautiful coastal beaches and dunes, lake districts carved out by glaciers, flat plains, lush forests, table mountains, and even a desert region.