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By Emily Duncan · January 24, 2024 · 10 minute read

The AP Spanish exam is a challenging test, but the right preparation can give you the skills and confidence you need to do your best when exam time comes.

With Busuu Premium’s specialized Advanced Spanish Exam Preparation course, you’ll get access to tons of practice questions, including listening and reading exercises built around the AP Spanish Language and Culture course syllabus – all in bite-sized lessons you can download and take on the go.

How can this course help you prepare for the AP Spanish Exam?

Learn with lessons designed by experts to help you prepare for the key aspects of the Advanced Placement Spanish language exam, from vocabulary to skill-building exercises.

Listening & Reading

Listening & Reading

The primary focus of our AP Spanish preparation course is on interpretive tasks, meaning listening and reading. That means you’ll be given audio, video, and written passages and asked to respond to questions about them, in line with the AP Spanish curriculum.

Productive Skills

Productive Skills

Busuu’s AP Spanish exam prep course builds on your productive skills – meaning skills like writing and speaking, to help you tackle free response questions. Plus, you’ll learn exam-taking techniques to help you prepare for all aspects of the AP Spanish exam.

Cultural Context

Cultural Context

All of the course lesson content in the Advanced Spanish Exam Preparation course is aligned with key AP Spanish themes. Lessons are focused on important developments in Spanish-language art and culture past and present.

Busuu’s Advanced Spanish Exam Preparation Course Overview

The Busuu AP Spanish preparation course is based on the syllabus for the US AP Spanish Language & Culture Course, with additional elements from the UK Spanish A-Level course, which covers overlapping themes. The course is designed to prepare learners like you to take the AP Spanish exam, but is also an effective study tool for the Spanish A-Level examination or DELE Spanish Diploma exam.

When you take the AP Spanish exam, the test you take includes 65 high-level, multiple-choice questions, plus 4 free response written and spoken tasks. The Busuu course, for this reason, focuses heavily on multiple choice-style questions, with lots of vocabulary expansion and practice, plus grammar review and clarification – all built around lessons in culture from around the Spanish-speaking world.

What’s in the AP Spanish Exam Preparation Course?

This exam prep course features 7 chapters, each broken down into shorter lessons. All lessons support preparation for the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam.


The course focuses primarily on listening and reading, but includes writing and speaking exercises and notes on exam-taking technique, all centered around Spanish language and culture. Topics include art, literature, and history across the Spanish-speaking world as well as the language needed to discuss current events.

The course uses neutral Spanish wherever possible and introduces vocabulary from many different Spanish-speaking countries to give the learner a more complete understanding of the Spanish language and the many contexts in which it is spoken.

Course Structure

Each chapter has a theme, with supporting AP Spanish vocabulary lessons and activities.

Chapter 1: Cultural Heritage

Topics include:
Pre-Hispanic architecture
Magic realism
Pablo Picasso

Chapter 2: Family and Values

Topics include:
Discovering new family structures
Discussing changing values
Staying connected through the internet

Chapter 3: Identity

Topics include:
Celebrity role models
Regional identities

Chapter 4: Science and Technology

Topics include:
The digital divide
Technology and work

Chapter 5: Modern Life

Topics include:
Healthy living
Traveling sustainably

Chapter 6: Global Challenges

Topics include:
The gender gap
Challenges faced by Spain’s Doñana Park
Economic, social, and environmental issues around the world

Chapter 7: Writing and Speaking Techniques

Topics include:
Developing and giving an oral presentation
Writing a formal email
Composing an argumentative essay

How It Works

Each chapter includes a mix of vocabulary lessons and reading and listening activities, each paired with multiple choice questions to help you practice and ensure you’re absorbing the course material. These activities are given in a variety of mediums, including podcasts, advertisements, videos, essays, and so on. The end of each chapter has a checkpoint quiz to help gauge progress and review what you’ve learned.

As an added benefit, the Busuu Premium platform automatically keeps track of vocabulary you’ve learned and struggled with and saves words to the “Review” tab for later revision.

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Preparation matters

Effective exam preparation goes beyond understanding content or rote memorization. One of the best things you can do to improve your test scores is learn test-taking skills. This can help you make better choices in the face of uncertainty, manage your time wisely, and remain calm when you bump up against a question you’re unsure about.

With Busuu Premium, you get practice that mirrors real exam questions and tips for tackling the kinds of free response questions you’re likely to see on the exam.

Study on your time

Taking an online exam preparation course means you can practice at your own pace. Plus, with Busuu Premium, you can download lessons for offline preparation, so you can study at home or on the go, first thing in the morning, over lunch, or late at night – whatever works for your schedule.

Designed for students

Busuu’s Advanced Spanish Exam Preparation course was designed by language learning experts from beginning to end with AP Spanish students in mind. This course is specifically tailored to match the AP Spanish Language & Culture Course curriculum and test so you get the best preparation possible for the test you’re actually taking.

AP Spanish Exam practice questions and course material

Here are a few AP Spanish exam practice questions to give you a look inside the course and get your exam prep started!

AP Spanish Vocabulary

spanish ap exam

Do you know these AP Spanish vocabulary words yet? Test your knowledge today and start practising more Spanish vocabulary words and ace your AP Spanish Exam as you get to memorize essential words and build Spanish phrases and sentences!

AP Spanish Exercises

spanish ap exam

You will get to read and review sample reading with related questions in our AP Spanish Exercises so you will be able to breeze through the AP Spanish Exam with ease as you get to familiarize yourself with Spanish Language and Culture, one of the themes in the AP Spanish Exam.

Frequently asked questions about the AP Spanish exam

1. How long is the AP Spanish exam?

The exam takes just over three hours – three hours and thirteen minutes, to be exact. This time includes:

65 multiple choice questions which includes:
30 multiple choice questions – printed texts (40 minutes)
35 multiple choice questions – audio texts, with and without printed texts (55 minutes)

4 free response questions which includes:
1 email reply (15 minutes)
1 argumentative essay (55 minutes)
conversation and cultural comparison questions (combined, 18 minutes)

2. Is AP Spanish worth it?

That depends on you! AP Spanish is a challenging course – as most Advanced Placement courses are, and should be, since they can count toward college credit. But there are many pros to taking AP Spanish.

It’s a valuable course for anyone planning to live and work in the US or Latin America, because it emphasizes both a high degree of language competency and of cultural literacy, applied across the Spanish-speaking world.

Plus, a good score on the AP Spanish exam also gives you formal evidence of Spanish proficiency, which can help with job prospects and college admissions.

3. What is the best way to prepare for the AP Spanish exam?

Whether you choose to take Busuu Premium’s course or to find another route, it’s important to prepare for the exam, and to do it with resources you can trust. You want prep materials that are aligned with the AP Spanish Language and Culture syllabus and that mimic the style of the actual test.

If you can recognize the key vocabulary, types of questions, and major themes covered going into the exam, it’ll help you keep your cool and demonstrate your real Spanish skills.

4. Is Busuu Premium’s Advanced Spanish Exam Preparation Course the best option for your AP Spanish exam prep?

If you’re taking AP Spanish, preparing for the Language and Culture examination is a challenge – but one that can be tackled with the right prep tools!

There are lots of great reasons to prepare for your exam with a great prep course designed by experts and tailored to the AP Spanish exam (like Busuu Premium):

  • Better exam performance
  • Increased fluency
  • Improved cultural knowledge

The Busuu Premium Advanced Spanish Exam Preparation Course has everything you need to set yourself up for success.

When you prep with Busuu Premium, you’ll get:

  • Thoughtfully crafted lessons based around key AP Spanish Language and Culture themes
  • AP Spanish practice questions designed to assess your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills
  • Supporting courses to go beyond test prep
  • Unmatched convenience – take lessons at home or on the go with the Busuu app on your phone or desktop

And the best part is, you can get started today!

So take the first step toward reaching your AP Spanish exam goals by enrolling in Busuu Premium’s Advance Spanish Exam Preparation course.

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