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Meet Agnieszka

Why are you learning a language?
I always wanted to know multiple languages.

Are there any techniques you use to keep yourself on track that you'd like to share with other language learners?
Minimum 15 minutes a day to keep the contact with the language. This was the suggestion the ESKK language school gave me many years ago when I️ was learning English, and it worked. So I️ use other sources besides Busuu to get at least 15 min of training.

What do you enjoy most about learning a language on Busuu?
Everything. From the learning structure and quizzes to the social interaction with other students.

How would you describe Busuu in one sentence?
Hard to describe it in one sentence! Great tool to learn a language. Very interactive and motivating while helping others achieve their goals. Instructions are easy to follow and the lessons are very well put together. Fun to use. Love the PC, iPad, iPhone versions so I️ can take it anywhere with me. :)

Have you had any good conversations on Busuu or met someone from Busuu in real life?
Not in person, but I made a few friends and we keep helping each other.