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Meet Frank Oliver

How would you describe Busuu in one sentence?
The learning program Busuu has helped me since February 2015. I was able to speak to Chinese people quickly because I memorised sentences and tried to use them in practical situations.

Why are you learning a language?
I met a Chinese woman in 2015.

What do you enjoy most about learning a language on Busuu?
Hearing the language.

Are there any techniques you use to keep yourself on track that you'd like to share with other language learners?
Just look forward to the learning.

What keeps you motivated?
I have a fixed morning ritual to wake up: yoga first, then Chinese study and finally playing the piano. That way both my body and mind are ready for the day.

What has studying on Busuu helped you to do in the real world?
I am now married to the Chinese woman I met in 2015. As a self-employed tax advisor I attract more and more Chinese clients as it is well-known that I'm learning Chinese.