TV ads "10 minutes" and "Visitors"

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In our 2017 TV ads, we want to show normal people like you and me why learning languages with Busuu works. Our main character is in his mid twenties and wants to learn English. We know it isn't always easy to stick to our language learning goals: we all have difficulty finding time, get easily distracted by other things or lose motivation. We came up with 2 concepts for the ads:

"10 minutes"

We recommend using Busuu for 10 minutes per day to progress steadily with your language learning. We also know that the biggest barrier to learning a language is a lack of time. Hence we wanted to show that you can easily use idle time throughout the day to learn with Busuu. Our hero is at home and we see him wasting time - as we all do from time to time - by staring at himself in the mirror, dancing, finding a sock and in the outtakes he's even wearing a lampshade. We are trying to make the point that he could use those moments to learn a language with Busuu instead!


In this ad, we see our hero in his home learning English with Busuu. He is surprised when other Busuu users "visit" to help him with his studies. We see HoxtonGary appear in his living room to correct his English. While learning in the tub RoyalDoris appears and compliments him on his pronunciation. Finally, he is dancing with SandraDJ almost as if he were in a night club in London. We are showcasing the Conversations feature which helps you to get your writing and speaking exercises corrected by native speakers - just like in real life.