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Learn Japanese Online

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Why learn Japanese?

Learn Japanese Online

Japanese is the mother tongue of more than 130 million people and is the tenth most spoken language in the world. Japanese is spoken in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, and has the third largest economy in the world. After the US, Japan has the second greatest number of Fortune 500 global companies in the world, being home to 68 of them.

Japan is also the origin of many new social and cultural trends that have influenced global societies and which are now part of an international culture. From cartoons to sushi bars and karaoke, these are just a few examples of how Japan and the Japanese language have become an integral part of international culture.

Learn Japanese Online

  • Japanese is the language of the third largest economy in the world, and the home of 68 Fortune 500 companies. Japan is one of the G8 superpowers.
  • Knowing Japanese will set your CV apart and will boost your professional career. It will open new work opportunities to you!
  • Japanese culture is globalised and more and more trends are exported everyday. Knowing Japanese will allow you to understand that cartoon you watch or the ancient culture and traditions that you see in Japanese films.
  • By understanding Japanese, you will be able to unlock Japan’s secrets: from the tea ceremony, to the art of bonsai and origami. It will become your next exotic tourist destination in which you will experience an entirely new culture!
  • Japanese is not that hard! The sounds are easy to pronounce and there is no gender, no plural, no articles and only two tenses: present and past.