6 Reasons to Learn Spanish

Here are many reasons why learning Spanish can be beneficial for your work or studies.

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There are so many reasons to learn Spanish – it's a popular choice for many language learners across the world, especially English speakers.

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6 Reasons to study Spanish

1. Spanish is easy to learn

Most language experts will tell you that Spanish is a very nice language to learn, thanks to its simple spelling, pronunciation and grammar. Of course, your native language and personal motivations will influence your language learning abilities, and you’ll still need to dedicate some time to a Spanish course. But on the whole, if you are diving into the world of languages for the first time, Spanish is a great place to start.

Spanish is also a great starting point as it has many similarities to other Romance languages like Italian, Portuguese and French.

2. It’s a fun language to speak

Spanish is a highly expressive, colorful and romantic language. Pronunciation is quite simple, (okay, except for the tricky rolled ‘r’s), which makes it easy and fun to start speaking from day one. And with Spanish speakers coming from so many regions of the world, you’ll have fun learning the different colloquialisms, cultural insights and accents from around the globe.

You’ll also improve quickly, helping to keep motivation levels high! With Busuu’s Complete Spanish course, you can track things like Fluency Score and the Spanish words you’ve learned each week.

3. It’s spoken in 20 countries

Spanish is a global language, with over 500 million speakers worldwide. Plus, it’s the official language in 20 countries, so it’s the perfect companion for globetrotters. It will give you the confidence to strike up a conversation in Spanish with locals, order tacos at a roadside stall, volunteer at a school, or take a salsa class on a whim. Put simply, learn Spanish to truly connect with the culture, people and communities you visit.

4. It’ll boost your brain

Learning a language has been proven to boost brain power and improve memory, intelligence and concentration. In fact, learning a language can activate a new area of your brain that improves overall communication and creative thinking skills.

Just as importantly, if you choose to learn Spanish, you’ll benefit from a broader global perspective, an open mind and a greater cultural awareness. It sounds like a no-brainer to us!

5. It’s a growing language

The total number of Spanish speakers across the globe is increasing steadily. In the UK, Spanish is considered the most important second language to learn, while the US is on track to become the largest Spanish speaking country in the world in the future, as the Latino population continues to grow. So if you want to learn a language of the future, enrolling in a Spanish course is a smart choice for students on both sides of the pond.

6. Spanish music is chart-topping

Latin artists are dominating the charts right now, so why not learn the meaning behind the lyrics? Spanish music covers every genre, from the slow pop ballads of Enrique Iglesias to the upbeat tracks of Camila Cabello – so there’s no shortage of new music to sing along to. Learning the lyrics will help you pick up the rhythm and pronunciation of spoken Spanish while earning you the title of DJ at the next house party!

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